Where We Can Help
  • BIM Execution Planning and Management
  • MEP BIM Modelling
  • MEP Coordination
  • Zero Clash MEP Shop Drawings
  • Quantification of materials
  • Clash Checking and Reporting
  • Virtual Reality

Redefining building services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that begins with the creation of an intelligent 3D model and enables document management, coordination and simulation during the entire lifecycle of a project (plan, design, build, operation and maintenance).

With BIM, we are able to simulate design performance before it is built or occur in real life. This helping us understand the intricacies in design more completely and much earlier thereby reducing risk, while saving time and money.

BIM enables a positive collaboration allowing information to flow freely between architects, engineers, technical specialists, developers, contractors, operators and other parties. It leads to reduction in design conflicts which enables to make well informed decisions faster, thereby achieving more efficient and effective design.

Our MEPF BIM service deals with the generating sophisticated mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection models at the required level of detail (LOD). It results in better coordination between different engineering disciplines and ensuring an error free and clash free outcome.

Our team of BIM enabled engineers improve accuracy, reduce and resolve clashes, eliminate spatial conflicts, create seamless workflows and optimize building systems design. This helps us to fast track project delivery from design through construction and achieve significant cost savings over the project lifecycle.

Do you want seamless project delivery?