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Green Buildings is the new normal

Climate change is undoubtedly the greatest challenge of our time. As a global community we need to work together to reduce emissions and limit warming to safe levels. However, the science is now showing with alarming clarity how quickly we are running out of time to avoid catastrophic and irreversible changes to the world around us.

Most of the the world’s population live in cities, projected to rise to 70% by 2050. The rapid expansion in cities has seen stark rise in the temperatures, it has never been more important for the buildings and construction sector to be leading the way on climate action. Because the sector is responsible for such a large almost 39% of global emissions, it means there is huge potential for reduction.

Green Building Certification schemes such as LEED Rating System, IGBC Rating System and GRIHA Rating System are committed to transform how buildings are designed, constructed and operated making significant advances toward a sustainable planet. Green Buildings are a vital part of the solution to the environmental challenges facing our planet and help in decarbonising the built environment through suit of measures.

The technological skills offered by our team of LEEP AP, IGBC AP and GRIHA CP provide a distinct pathway to achieve the desired certification level. We have experience in achieving excellence for a diverse array of building typologies and can produce tailor made solutions to suit the highly specific requirements of the people who live and work in them for both new build and refurbishments.

Do you want to have a green building?