Where We Can Help
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance Modelling
  • ECBC 2017 Compliance Modelling
  • Operational Energy Modelling
  • Post occupancy evaluation
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis
  • Daylight Simulation
  • External Wind Analysis
  • Heat Island Simulation

See the Unseen with Dynamic Thermal Modelling

Mechanical, electrical, and public health engineering and fire protection (MEPF) services are key to ensure safe, comfortable, working structures for human use and occupation. We design efficiently designed, simple to operate and maintain MEPF systems that reduce long-term liabilities and cost. Our innovative and integrative approach towards the design brief leads to crafting of the most appropriate design strategy based on your location, development type and budget.

We maximise the building performance passively (including optimising orientation and site layout, natural ventilation and lighting, thermal mass and solar shading,) with the help of dynamic thermal modelling software before consideration of active building services systems which is followed by selection of equipment such that simplicity in operation, future maintainability combined with consideration for first class indoor environmental conditions.

Our team brings draws on experiences from global and local understanding of MEPF services, appreciation of new technologies and industry trends. This enables us to tackle highly complex technical challenges and provide clients with holistic, efficient, delightful, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for projects within varied sectors, scale and complexities.

We consider future flexibility for changes both in terms of our engineering designs and commercial viability thus improve building performance and sustainability.

Our designs look to maximise the potential of buildings and enhance their functionality and usability as well as reducing their impact on the natural environment. Thus, ensuring that clients can have confidence in the solutions proposed for both new and existing buildings.

Do you want to achieve the highest sustainability performance?