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See the Unseen with Dynamic Thermal Modelling.

With a strong background of building physics, we use dynamic thermal modelling thereby revolutionising building design. Before thermal modelling, the lessons of efficiency gain were only available after construction. Now the lessons learned from other buildings can be superimposed into the design of new buildings and renovations using thermal modelling. Construction engineering and design has made huge strides in the application of thermal science and thermal modelling to modern buildings that can be energy efficient. Thermal modelling to building design is a little like x-ray imaging to a surgeon. Seeing the unseen in terms of energy transfer and heat loss within a building helps designers see the potential for improvement.

We work on a wide range of software such as Integrated Environmental Solution (IES) Virtual Environment (VE), Design Builder, Energy Plus and eQuest thereby achieving significant reduction in operation costs and increased asset value.

To address the broad consensus that buildings in operation do not perform as well as they could, we work on closing the performance gap between predicted and actual in-use energy consumption thereby increasing the operational energy efficiency of the building.

We use different landings framework to help project teams focus on the client’s needs throughout the project, to smooth transition into use and to address issues that post occupancy evaluation (POE) has shown to be widespread. It focuses on delivering an outcome that will align more closely to what is required.

Do you want a net zero energy building?