Grüne Designs

We are a community of multi-disciplinary consultants with backgrounds in engineering, architecture and sustainability. Our diversity, in-depth technical knowledge and unparalleled experience enable us to provide exceptional added value to design.

We specialize in the design of simple, elegant, cost-effective sustainable strategies for high-performance building environments and strive to make the business case to prioritize the energy-saving and carbon reduction potential for every project.

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Our Mission

  • To develop future of built environment by connecting people with better buildings.
  • To bring about a revolution in building engineering services (mechanical, electrical, public health and fire protection) design through energy-efficient solutions that are both resilient and resource efficient.
  • To be at the forefront of the race to achieve a carbon-neutral world.

Our Vision

We want to bring about a systemic change in the built environment which is one of the major causes for climate change through our ingenuity. We integrate the aspects of both engineering and sustainability in our design thereby breathing life to visions of architects.

Our Story

Grüne Designs was founded in 2017 by industry stalwarts with a combined experience of 100+ years in design, planning and execution of building services.

Our firm commitment to driving sustainability in the built environment and beyond coupled with seamless project delivery has paved the way to develop long lasting relationship with prominent building developers, operators and asset managers.

With the highest quality leadership team in our field, we couple our technical knowledge with practical experience to provide strategic solutions to increase asset value of our clients. We believe in providing solutions that are a best balance of quality, cost, function and efficiency thereby enriching cities.

Every milestone in our journey has bought us closer to our purpose of preparing our communities and environment for the future.

Our Values are the DNA of our Company

They represent how we act, speak and behave together, and with our clients and stakeholders.


We put safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do to safeguard our people, assets, and the environment.


We strive to do the right thing, no matter what.


We collaborate together and embrace each other’s unique contribution in delivering amazing results for our clients, communities, and planet.


We like to redefine engineering by thinking boldly, proudly, and differently.


We pursue excellence in all projects by giving our best, achieve high standards, creating environments where all can thrive.



Pradeep is a mechanical engineer by training with over 53 years of experience. He has an extremely strong track record of delivering large and complex schemes across variety of sectors including workplace, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and residential. He understands the value of applying breadth of knowledge to a challenge in order to find its most ideal solution and has done so consistently on each of his projects. His multidisciplinary approach towards projects has been of immense value in completion of landmark projects within India. His focus is on improving business performance through the growth and development of people and adopting a team-based approach.


Mathew brings in wealth of experience accumulated over 37 years in the field of integrated building management systems. His career has encompassed the design of building automation, fire alarm and security systems for workplace, education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail sectors. He has designed and developed procedures and specifications and was also involved in providing technical guidance for Building Management Systems in India. These design interventions have led to increased energy savings in projects. He believes in the value that can be obtained through collaboration and interaction between individual skills and disciplines which has proved popular with clients. He is responsible to drive and optimize the financial health of the firm.

Sooraj is a mechanical engineer by training with more than 26 years of experience in the building industry. He has worked on projects from individual building scale and campus scale project across different building sectors. He has worked in the construction sector in Dubai enabling a global approach to problem solving. He strives to add value to any project by designing innovative systems that not only meet current client requirements but also incorporate flexibility to accept future modifications. He is committed to rigorous option appraisals and value management to ensure that his clients' aspirations are achieved in an economic and sustainable manner. He believes that sustainable solution is the best solution. He is strong advocate of the power of integrated thinking thus achieving more for less and accomplishing better performance with less energy is the goal that inspires him. He focuses to engage closely with clients to fully understand their project objectives and uses his understanding across all our disciplines to optimize the design process through the early coordination of engineering solutions.



Dilip Mr

Associate Director – Electrical & LV


Rajesh Shah

Associate Director – Mechanical


Venkatachalapathy Rajendran

Senior Associate – MEPF Design


Yogesh Hn

Associate – PHE & FF


Archana Jagtap

Associate – Electrical


Kalpesh Deshpande

Associate – PHE & FF


Vishal Kale

Associate - MEPF


Melvin Mathew

Sr. Manager - Sustainability


To reimagine the way buildings are designed